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Women with extreme low AMH values could have in vitro fertilization success
Circulating anti-m€ullerian hormone (AMH) and antral follicle count (AFC) are the best predictors of IVF outcomes. However, in extreme low AMH range especially for young patients, AMH prediction power loose its specificity to give real idea of pregnancy chance with IVF treatments and good prognosis of an extremely reduced ovarian reserve and expected poor response. Indeed, this retrospective study was conducted to evaluate IVF outcomes in patients following IVF-ICSI program with extremely low AMH levels ( 0.4 ng/ml; n¼390) compared to those presenting normal AMH range (1.3–2.6 ng/ml; n¼352) considered as control group. As expected, number of oocytes retrieved per patient, and embryological outcomes were significantly lower in the extremely low AMH levels group compared to control. Moreover, it was same trend concerning clinical outcomes but we have to note that even in extreme low AMH, patients could reach ineligible satisfying clinical pregnancy rate compared to control (17% vs 41%). For patients younger than 35 years, clinical pregnancy rate improved to 27%. Women with extreme low AMH values and especially younger ones, still have reasonable chances of achieving pregnancy, highlighting the default view of this category generally excluded from IVF program.